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Some quick facts on why we have a new location for "Summer Camps 2006"

What is the status of the Salvation Army Camp?

We asked you to pray about our acquisition of the Salvation Army Camp. It had looked like New York State would buy the property, but that has fallen through. That has opened the door for us, but, in order for them to sell the property to us, they would have to sell it to us below the appraised value. Salvation Army rules, however, preclude them from doing so before listing the property on the market. The property will be listed and I ask you to pray that if it is the Lord’s will for us to have this property that He would have it go unsold. I also ask that you would pray that God would give us favor in the eyes of the Salvation Army. I want to give a special thanks to all those that wrote letters recommending us to the Salvation Army.

Why did we switch camps for this summer?

The possible acquisition of the Salvation Army camp will obviously be a long, drawn out process, as well as a very uncertain one. In addition, other factors basically preclude us from using the SA camp grounds this year so an alternative is needed for 2006. After some prayer and leg work, we have decided to rent Mount Chestnut Nazarene Camp for this year’s summer camp weeks. This camp is located in Western PA about an hour south of Erie. A map and direcections to this new camp can be found on our Camp Directions Page. Obviously this is a big change in location, but I did not make it lightly. I wanted to share with you the (human) reasons why I chose this location:

  • Large camps are hard to find – Once a camp expands to the point where it can accommodate 200 campers, it is because of their program’s growth. Rarely are they able to rent even one prime time summer camp week, much less four.
  • Cost – The “A” in camp, for us, still stands for “affordable” (see Camp Philosophy). By using this location I am incurring added expense, but I am still able to keep about the same cost for camp. This would not be the case at most camps.
  • Facilities – The cabins, dining hall, fields, privacy, and meeting place are all excellent at this camp. In some areas they are better than the Salvation Army Camp.
  • Available Weeks – While they are not perfect, we got some good weeks in the middle of summer.

If the Lord has led you to our camp, please do not let the change of location be a stumbling block!

Page last updated October 7, 2009

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