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Winter Camp 2005

We had a great Winter Camp.
Thanks to all that attended or prayed for God's blessing, we had a wonderful time.
Packed House

Camp was full, with 216 people attending from nineteen different churches in three states. There were 178 teens with 10 staff and 28 counselors...

Pastor Joe Grimaldi

Our main speaker for the retreat was Pastor Joe Grimaldi.

Pastor Grimaldi is the pastor of Midwest Baptist Church of Rochester, Minnesota.

Pastor preached two excellent messages. The altar was so full that during each invitation people were lined up down the aisles. We had the privilege to see seven people trust the Lord as their Saviour.

Team Captains Camp started fast with all campers being "drafted up" into teams for our various competitions. Our theme each year is Baptist Boot Camp and have Military names for our teams. Each team has a male and female counselor with helpers.
There was a very good spirit in all the games and activities. Many thanks to all who put forth the effort to exhibit Christian character.
Special Music The Songs and Special Music we sang were Old Fashioned and pleasing to the Lord. Brother Joel is a skillful violin player and used his talent for the Lord.
Quiz FinalistsOur Quiz Finalists:
Lee Sietman, Nate Merrill, Joy Edwards, Hannah Scott, Jason Felt, Amy Powell
Counselor of the Week
Pastor Phil Czekalski
Counselor of the Week
Mrs. Tina Kahler
Camper of the Week
Sam Hazlett
Camper of the Week
Hannah Scott

Currently Under Construction....

Nerf: 1. Marine Recon 2. Army
Football 1. Air Force 2. Air Commando
Hockey 1. Air Cavalry 2. Green Beret
Skit Competition: Walker Bible Baptist Church

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Winter Camp
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