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June 2009

Dear Friend,

Because the Genesee Valley Baptist Camp really isn't the ministry of any one church, but truly belongs to all of us who support it and represent it, beginning this summer Genesee Valley Baptist Camp will go by the name of Commonground Baptist Camp (CBC). While I know we all love the people of the Genesee Valley in Upstate New York, the Genesee Valley is actually nowhere near any of the campgrounds we use and is actually not even that close to Southeast Bible Baptist Church either! Furthermore, the most famous product of the Genesee Valley over the years has been alcohol through the Genesee Brewery, and that's not an association we enjoy!

Because Southeast already operates a missions board that uses the name Commonground, I thought it was wise to use the same name. After all, camp, like church, should be a common ground where everyone can meet Christ. When the camp was smaller, the name probably didn't matter as much; but now, as God continues to grow the work, giving us all the privilege of ministering to nearly a 1,000 campers a year at our various camps and retreats (including 5 weeks of summer camp!), I felt the time was right.

Pastor and Andrea Krohn intend to do the same wonderful work in the camp ministry as they always have, and we all thank God for them. We remain committed to making CBC all about Christ honoring, modest attire, affordable tuition, and preaching centered. Be assured that the camp, under Pastor Krohn's remarkable leadership, will remain on course in every conceivable way. Only the name is changing.

Also, for those who may be interested to know, the Genesee Valley Baptist Institute will also undergo a name change to Commonground Baptist Institute (CBI). Although, technically, CBC and CBI are the ministry of Southeast Bible Baptist Church, they would NOT succeed without your support. I truly consider these ministries to be all of ours “as good stewards of manifold grace of God.” Thank you for making our camp, yours and mine, one of the finest in the country.

May God receive all of the glory,
Pastor Zac Dressner

Southeast Bible Baptist Church & Commonground Baptist Ministries

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